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Round, Option and Exemption

Undertaking of Ethical Conduct

  • Applicants and their parent/guardian/other must sign and upload two undertakings prior to appearing for SMEAT 2021.
  • Undertaking of Ethical Conduct by applicant
  • Undertaking of Ethical Conduct by parent/guardian/other
  • Undertakings will be made available to applicants before the commencement of  SMEAT 2021.
  • Applicants are required to adhere to the signed undertakings.  Breach of the undertakings constitutes grounds for disqualification and withdrawal of admission.

Test Schedule

  • Applicants should refer to the “Test Schedule” published on Srishti Manipal website.
  • Applicants are expected to complete the stipulated Tests and successfully submit their work/s online within the allotted time.
  • No extra time will be given for any technical difficulties faced by the candidate.

Test Submissions

  • The guidelines for submission will be mentioned in each Test paper/Task.
  • In the event of applicants not following the submission guidelines, his/ her submission will be considered invalid.
  • Test submissions must be original works created for the SMEAT 2021, unless otherwise specified.
  • If an applicant draws upon existing resources (such as: articles, magazines, books, images, websites, podcasts, videos etc.) while completing a Test these resources must be clearly identified and referenced in the submission. Not doing so constitutes plagiarism, which will lead to disqualification.
  • Three-dimensional works should be photographed in a way that shows the scale and size of the work.
  • Test submissions must be made in digital format and uploaded at the designated SMEAT 2021 Examination Portal.

Assessment Parameters

  • Applicants are expected to carefully read and adhere to the specific assessment criteria provided within each Test/Task

Material Requirements

  • Materials that will be useful to complete Test tasks include:
    • Basic stationary such as white cartridge / handmade / drawing paper (5 numbers of A1 sheets). A4 and A3 size bond sheets (10 each). Any other papers of your choice.
    • Basic art materials such as color pencils, pens, pastels, water/poster colors, brushes, sketch pens or any other medium art materials of your choice.
    • Glue/fevicol, scissor/cutter, ruler, cello tape, etc.
    • Material of your choice if you prefer to work with materials such as clay, card board, wire mesh, binding wire, etc.

Some of the tasks can be completed using everyday objects/ materials commonly available in homes.

Technology Requirements

System Requirements For SEB (Secure Exam Browser) and Mobile App Enabled Remote Proctored Online Examinations (Internet Based Delivery)

Minimum System Configuration required for test taking system (Laptop/Desktop) is given below:


Minimum requirements 

Web browser 

Latest version of Chrome 

.Net Version 4.5.2 or above 

Operating system 

Windows 10 (Pro, Enterprise, and Education editions) OR 

Windows 8/8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit) (all editions) OR 

Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) (all editions) 

Mac Operating System (Latest Version-2)

Note - Up-to-date Service pack, device drivers, security patches in test taking system. 


2 core (4 vCPU) or above with 2.2 GHz or more clock speed 


2 GB or above 

Web camera 

Webcam must have a minimum resolution of 640x480 @ 15 fps. 

Webcam may be internal or may be external and connected to the computer. The camera must run natively in the OS and not with help of other software. 


Built-in microphones are acceptable, as are external microphones. 

Screen resolution 

1024 x 768 and above 


2 MBPS or more – dedicated and continuous connectivity. (Wired or wireless networks) 

Candidate test taking terminals will be directly connected to the cloud server. 

Updates regarding SMEAT 2021

  • All applicants should check the Srishti Manipal website for further information and updates regarding SMEAT 2021.

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