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Coronavirus Advisory Note

Coronavirus Advisory Note to Applicants who are applying for Programs of Study at Srishti Manipal in the academic year 2020.

Necessary and Compulsory Conditions

  1. All applicants aspiring for admission into any program at any level (UG, PG or PhD) MUST apply online or offline and register for course or courses of their choice and make the payment for the same through the portal.
  2. All applicants must also choose a specific Round (check Srishti Manipal Selection Protocols 2020) and also select a center for the test.
  3. All applicants who have uploaded an online application must send a hard copy of this form and self-attested copies of supporting materials to Srishti Manipal at the end of the nation-wide lock down period.
  4. Applicants may appear for the SMEAT 2020 test prior to sending the hard copy of the completed application form and supporting documents to Srishti Manipal.
  5. Admission offers made on the basis of the applicant’s performance on the SMEAT 2020 tests will be provisional, until verification of the hard copy of the completed application form and self-attested/original copies of supporting documents.

Srishti Manipal has made some adjustments to the Admission Timeline 2020 and to the Srishti Manipal Entrance and Aptitude Test – SMEAT 2020.

  1. All SMEAT 2020 tests for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral applicants will hence forth be referred to as eSMEAT 2020 and will be home-based.
  2. Applicants will receive test papers electronically at the email address provided in the application form. A change of email address is not permitted.
  3. All applicants and their parents/guardians will be required to sign and submit an undertaking of ethical conduct.
  4. All applicants must ensure that they have the following amenities to take the home-based eSMEAT 2020 tests.
    1. A private work space to take the tests.
    2. An internet connection with sufficient bandwidth to upload art works. Access to mobile phones with internet connectivity, or the use of a hotspot with a mobile phone will not be adequate to make test submissions.

This website will be the sole space for announcing any further changes. All applicants must take personal responsibility to check for updates on our website, keeping in mind that the Coronavirus situation is dynamic and advisories are subject to change more than once.